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SYMHC Live: The Latest Harmony Utopias

We did a real time show for the Indiana Historical Society concerning the city of brand new Harmony, Indiana into the screen from 1815-1827. For the reason that duration, two various societies that are communal the city, one immediately after one other. But one ended up being much more effective.

Unearthed in Part 2 july

Component two of essaypro promo code the 12 months’s Unearthed! in July features some longtime listener favorites like edibles, potables as well as course shipwrecks.В В

SYMHC Classics: Heaven in the world, the Brook Farm Community

We revisit a 2013 episode today. Into the 1840s, Boston’s western Roxbury suburb — that was entirely rural during the time — ended up being house to an test in transcendentalist utopian living: the Brook Farm community. The concept would be to produce a world of stability and equality.

Unearthed in July, Part 1

It’s the perfect time when it comes to July version of Unearthed! And this one is in 2 components! Today, we now have updates and connections to episodes that are previous. Then several things about Neanderthals and very early people, as well as the unearthed publications, letters and works of art.В

Thomas Harriot: Mathematician, Astronomer, Relative Unknown

Harriot’s tale is associated with PLENTY other notable things that are historic including lots of company with Sir Walter Raleigh. He’s actually maybe maybe not a family group title like many of their contemporaries, also though he was neck-and-neck using them with regards to discoveries.В

SYMHC Classics: Charles IX of France

Today we revisit a 2015 episode about French royalty. Just like a lot of one other royals that are mad have already been discussed from the podcast over time, Charles IX of France had been susceptible to fits of rage therefore intense that folks at court feared for his or her everyday lives.

The Port Chicago Catastrophe

This was the worst stateside catastrophe in the usa during World War II. Apart from being a horrific tragedy, the catastrophe it self as well as its aftermath had been threaded through with racism and injustice.В

Ferdinand and Barbara, Married Mad Royals

The reign of Ferdinand VI of Spain and his wife Barbara was surprisingly stable despite ascending to power in a court filled with intrigue, juggling relations with Britain and France, and both likely having mental health conditions.

SYMHC Classics: Ibn Battuta, the Traveler of Islam

Today we revisit an episode from 2017 about Ibn Battuta, whoever travels that are 14th-century considerable. He had been overseas for approximately 24 years and through that time traveled through nearly all Muslim country and territory, becoming the tourist associated with age.

Fearless, Feisty and Unflagging: The Ladies of Gettysburg

Army history hardly ever centers around the ladies whom lived through conflict and labored on data recovery efforts. This episode covers ladies who assisted troops, hidden the dead, nursed the wounded, and was able to endure the combat in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

Thomas Cook, John Cook, as well as the increase associated with Tourism Industry

Thomas Cook and their son John Mason Cook had been pioneers associated with the concept of a travel agency to handle tourist vacations. But Thomas Cook was initially inspired by his help associated with temperance motion along with his profoundly held beliefs that are religious

SYMHC Classics: Hartford Circus Fire

This 2015 episode covers a meeting in 1944, whenever probably one of the most fires that are disastrous U.S. history broke away during a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performance. A large number of life had been lost and a huge selection of individuals were injured while the biggest top that is big the united states ended up being consumed by flames.

Hatshepsut and also the Expeditions to Punt

Certainly one of our biggest sourced elements of info on Punt arises from Hatshepsut, whom delivered an enormous expedition here into the fifteenth century B.C.E. The expedition to Punt can be an essential and illustrative section of Hatshepsut’s reign.

Sylvia of Hollywood – Beauty Consultant to your movie movie Stars

When you look at the 1920s and 1930s, Sylvia had been well-known for shaping up starlets, cementing the theory that Hollywood’s beauties had been aspirational numbers for the woman that is average. Many of Sylvia’s ideas about physical physical fitness had been completely sensible, but she may be quite harshВ

SYMHC Classics: The Compton’s Cafeteria Riot

This episode reached returning to 2015 for many history that is LGBTQ. In 1966, a restaurant in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district had been your website of a incident that is violent LGBT history. A grassroots effort grew to improve relationships between police and Tenderloin’s transgender community after the riot.

Marie Laurencin: Avante-garde Painter of Paris

Laurencin is just a hard painter to learn. As well as her work not exactly dropping on the basis of the performers who were her contemporaries, her papers that are personal tough to access, are censored, and also have strict restrictions placed on their use.В

The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919

The 1919 attack may be the largest in Canada’s history, and shut Winnipeg down. Although the attack started off as being a simple work dispute, there have been many facets tangled up in how it played away, and a conspiracy concept it was a communist uprising.

SYMHC Classics: Good Humor v. Popsicle

We revisit a fun episode from 2015 today. There clearly was a period when Popsicle and Good Humor couldn’t stop suing one another about frozen treats on sticks. Numerous battles that are legal battled over milk fat, the forms regarding the sweets plus the concept of the word “sherbet.”

Packard v. Packard, Pt. 2

After being forcibly admitted to a hospital that is mental her spouse, Elizabeth Packard started advocating for by by herself along with the enhancement of therapy such facilities. After her release, she lobbied for reform to your asylum system.

Packard v. Packard, Pt. 1

Elizabeth Packard’s wedding started off well, but quickly, her questioning nature research of the latest some ideas about faith led her husband to mentally decide she was sick. She was had by him forcibly focused on the Illinois State Asylum and Hospital when it comes to Insane.